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Infrared Thermal Cameras For Temperature Detection

We have 3 Different Type of Infrared Temperature Detection Devices Available. We can recommend the best option based on your Unique Requirements i.e. Area monitored , Distance Requirement , Screening Accuracy 

Many Deployments in UAE. Hotels, Hospitals, Office Buildings

For Quotation - Call 050-440-4658

Infrared Thermal Camera - Most Economical Option

Thermal Camera 7.jpg
Thermal Camera 5.png
Infrared Thermal Camera 3.png
Infrared Thermal Camera 2.png

Thermal Camera - Economical Option

Thermal Camera2.png
Thermal Camera 3.png

Thermal Camera - Premium Option (Dual PhotoThermal)

Thermal Camera 1.png
Thermal Camera 4.png

The product concept is based on the latest requirements of dual-photothermal imaging in product performance, lightweight structure, cost and intelligence, and product stability in the current domestic and foreign markets. It adopts advanced bispectral fusion technology to establish an internationally advanced level of bispectrum. Linked intelligent algorithm technology, products represent the latest requirements in the market and future consumer trends in the market、

Visible light、 Infrared dual synchronization for human detection, visible light to recognize human faces, infrared for accurate forehead positioning

  1. Dual light infrared thermal imaging supports 320 * 240 resolution

  2. Fusion of dual-light infrared thermal image and visible light image

  3. Visible light、 Infrared can delimit different areas simultaneously

  4. Image output mode: connect computer via Ethernet, or wifi、 Mobile phone

  5. Support face recognition, body recognition

  6. Intelligent positioning personnel forehead temperature, accuracy error is less than 0.5 ° c

  7. If the temperature exceeds the limit, you can alarm locally

  8. The product has the following interfaces:

  9. Secondary temperature calibration software, which can be calibrated on-site by the customer according to different regional environments

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