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Audio & Video Solutions

Analog and IP Based PA System | EVAC System | Audio Conference System | Video Conference System | Auditorium Sound System

We provide A to Z Solutions for Audio and Video for any Commercial and Residential Buildings. 

Schools, Universities, Office Towers, Residential Towers, Villas, Mosques, Retail Shops, Hospitals, Clinics, Government Buildings, Hotels, Restaurants and Malls.

Our list of Products includes:


  1. Mixer Amplifier

  2. Power Amplifier

  3. Digital Amplifier

  4. Integrated Pre-Amplifier

  5. Multi Zone Mixer Amplifier

PA System and Intercom System

  1. 10 Zones Paging System

  2. Ambient Noise Controller

  3. Audio Matrix PA System

  4. Audio Matrix with Weekly Timer

  5. IP Network Intercom System

EVAC System

  1. Fire Alarm System

  2. Fireproof Speaker


Audio & Video Conference System


  1. Active Speaker

  2. Column Speaker

  3. Ceiling Speaker

  4. Wall mounted Speaker

  5. Directional Speaker

  6. Horn Speaker 

  7. Fire Proof Speaker

audio and video conference system.png
PA System.png

Classroom Recording System

Class room system Diagram.png

System Features


1. Recording System  is designed for the excellent course recording , it has built-in HD video and audio process technology, Video automatically tracking technology and Live system, can input the lesson video, audio and PPT from teacher's PC,  composite them to a video file and upload it to recording server, students from different classrooms watch these live video simultaneously. And also can learn these course again at anywhere and anytime by using the browser to log in the Resource server

2. Save the recording video in 6 kinds video format, can meet the different requirement of software or website;


3. Support Movie Mode and Multi-screen Mode to record the file; can adjustment the screen size and move its position manually ;

4. Support directed manually, can select the area you want , this area will be zoomed  automatically;


5. Support 3 kinds recording model: Automatically, Semi automatically, Manually.


6. Support up to 200 channels live playing simultaneously by single recorder and working with the resource server;


7. Support using browser in Windows Android/IOS to log in the recorder to watch the live video.

Mini PA System for Restaurants and Retail Shops

Mini PA Diagram.png

System Features


1. The mini public address system with microphone and background music playing function;


2. The wattage of amplifier and speaker is optional according to different venues;

3. With MP3 Player/ USB/ SD,tuner and bluetooth function for kinds of sound sources;


4. With 2 AUX inputs and 4 Mic Inputs to fully meet customer needs;


5. The system has merits of simple connection, convenient maintenance and high reliability.

Heading 2

Economical Lecterns

Lectern Pic.png
  1. Built-in RMS 60W amplifier, 60W column speaker

  2. 1 Lamp, 1 Gooseneck mic, external Mic input, Aux input, extra amplifier and extra speaker input

  3. 2 nos (handheld, lapel, headset) wireless microphones (optional)

  4. USB/ bluetooth/ MP3/ Recording function (optional)

  5. Folding laptop stand (optional)

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