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H.265 1080P Intelligent Face Recognition Auto Track Bullet Network CCTV Camera

Facial Recognition Camera.png

Professional Intelligent Function:

·Built-in face intelligent face algorithm supports face capture in complex environments; support face tracking, face exposure mode, automatic face filtering;


·Supports the detection, tracking, capturing, scoring, screening, feature extraction, and identification of sports faces, and outputs the optimal comparison results;


·Support face recognition area selection; multiple parameter settings, face parameter settings, professional capture rate;


·Supports the uploading of face images and original images, and the coding quality of face images is adjustable;


·up to 15 target detection per frame;


·Snapping times can be set;


·Face capture scenes are backlight scenes and common scenes for the backlight environment and the general environment respectively. Two modes can be set;


·Support face exposure function, wide dynamic range up to 120dB, suitable for monitoring under the backlight environment;


·Face picture quality setting range (1-99) is adjustable;


·Support face detection of image 30*30-300*300 pixels or more


·Supports the management of up to 3 face databases, each face database supports the import of more than 3200 faces;


·Supports up to 16GB of storage space for a total face database, and supports 150*150-960*960 pixel intervals for a single face image;


·Supports different face databases to arm at different times;


·Support blacklist comparison success alarm output;


·Collaborate with back-end smart products to realize more applications and perform secondary analysis on target images;


General Function:

·Max resolution up to 2 MP (1920×1080), 30fps real-time image, the image is more smooth;


·Progressive scan CMOS to capture moving images without aliasing;


.Adopt the latest standard H.265 video compression technology, high compression ratio, accurate and stable bitstream control;


· Built-in automatic day and night double filter switching mechanism, with manual or automatic color to black and other switching methods;


.Support intelligent coding, Up to 4 ROI area ;


.Support intelligent control, one-touch control alarm switch, fault clearing;


.Support intelligent detection, 5 abnormal detection, 3 behavior analysis;


.Support digital wide dynamic, 3D digital noise reduction;


·With a variety of white balance modes, suitable for various scenarios;

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