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Welcome to the world of 3D Hologram

About 3D Hologram

Our 3D Hologram is an innovative Product its uses Persistence of Vision Technology. A belt composed of high-density LED Lights spins at High Speed, thus making the image vivid and tri-dimensional. The 3D hologram use low power, its highly portable, highly attractive.

Exhibitions: If you are an event manager or if you are participating in exhibition and want to showcase you product then there is no better way than to use our 3D Hologram.


Retail: If you are a Retail manager you can use our 3D hologram to get People's attention to your new Fashion line or get them to walk in to your store by placing it in the Showcase Windows

Clubs and Bars: There is no better way to create an ambiance for your Venue. 

Restaurants: High End Restaurants and Fast Food chains and can use our 3D  Hologram to show 3D sizzling and mouth watering images of their best Dishes.

Hotels: Hotels are always looking for get their Guests attention wherther its F&B Managers or 


Our 3D Hologram is Perfect for:
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