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Door Automation - Sliding Gate Operator

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1. Simple and Reliable home automation system. 

This package includes a gear motor with built-in pre-wired electronic control board and protection device, which speeds up the increases the installation speed, reduces the cost and make the installation more convenient. The AC model can drives the 500KG/700KG/1000KG Sliding Gate.

2.Safe and Reliable

The whole kit can work underwater, ensuring that the board is protected from insects, rain, etc. ensuring long lasting operation. The safety and anti-collision protection is built-in current sensor to protect the motor from damage in case of accident.


3.Low Noise

The product has high precision. After repeated implementaiton and improvement, the parts processing technology is conintously explored. The overall noise can achieve a very good effect. It is designed and produced according to Europeans standards, and the quality is reliable and guaranteed.


4. Irreversible

The motor is irreversible, so there is no need to install an electric lock. When the power is cut off, the special key can be used to protect the rortary release device, the manual operation of the gate, the steel gear and the plastic rack or the galvanized rack can ensure the normal operation under various adverse conditions. The external material is anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation, suitable for any weather in the open air.

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