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Why its important to go with Experienced Signage Companies

You are a Marketing Manager or IT Manager or F&B Manager and you have decided to go with Digital Signage for your Venue.

This is what you do

You go online do a google search and find few companies. You do your due diligence and buy the solution.

And it happens that after a year or couple of years you hardware is having issue, you contact the company and its not there.

So what do you then ?

You have used the solution for couple of years, do you discard that solution and go through the same cycle.

Well this might help you in your future purchase.

Critical Evaluation Criteria:

1. Verify How Old is the company (You can ask their Trade License, or check their domain age online)

2. Verify what clients they have already served, if the company has 50 plus clients for Digital Signage you could be assured that the team has good experience and you can leverage that.

3. Dont make price the focal point of your decision. it could be that both are selling the same product but what is important is, how well they can execute the project, how attentive they will be to your support calls. (You can ask their other customer references, ask for the testimonials etc)

4. Big company does not always equate to good company as you may have experienced that. SMB could be attentive to your needs and they would be more willing to provide a better support as for them your business has more value

These are some of the points you might want to consider for your next purchase as always be mindful, be aware your biases , critical thinking will be your valuable asset in any purchase :)


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