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Facial Recognition Technology Can Provide Cheaper and More Effective Commercial Access Control

Many expensive man-hours are spent providing access control for sports stadiums, airports, business centers, and more. Not only is the process expensive, but it is also slow and prone to error, because human beings are not very good at recognizing unfamiliar faces.

A good facial recognition system, one that can scan and accurately compare several thousand faces in a fraction of a second, can greatly improve this situation. Modern live detection facial recognition systems can automatically check the identity of people moving through any existing security turnstile faster and more accurately than humans can. This way, not only are speed and accuracy improved but human resources can be saved for verifying security alerts from the facial recognition system. The same system can be used to scan crowds for strangers and verify photo IDs.

Facial recognition technology has come a long way in recent years. The best modern systems, like those of Skills Unlimited

, can reach accuracies in excess of 99.9%. Skills Unlimited's facial recognition technology uses the world's best recognition algorithms, and offers facial recognition equipped turnstiles and other outdoor and indoor facial recognition devices. This technology is no longer exclusively the province of law enforcement and the government. It is quickly becoming a major commercial tool for providing secure access to sensitive facilities at a lower cost than ever before with rapid throughput.

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