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Digital Signage in Healthcare

Any building which have lots for visitors is a good candidate for Digital Signage.

Hospitals & Clinics are no exception to this rule. What's more important for Hospitals & Clinics is to provide their patients and visitors the Useful information.

What is useful information

You have to think this through from Patients of View

1. As a patient you would like to know about the Doctors, their Qualifications, their specialties, their Nationality etc

2. As a Patient can also find important health information in the form of Videos or Digital Posters.

3. News about Free checkups, New Hospital Services

4. Videos and Pictures about Hospital Facilities, Medical Equipment and Surgery rooms

5. Hospital Awards to build your patients trust

To provide this useful information you need a Set of hardware, Software and consultancy:

The basic building blocks for the Digital solution are:

1. Screens

There are many kinds of screens which will be used depending on two things Primarily Requirement & Location for e.g. Free Standing Displays at the Lobbies and main Traffic Areas. Wall mounted where you do not have a space on the floor. Touch Displays for Wayfinding and Information Kiosks etc.

Screens should be either equipped with built in media player or you would need an external media player.

2. Software

You will need a CMS system to centrally manage the content, create and schedule playlists. Software CMS is very critical post project because if the system does not have enough feature or if it has too many features both could be hindrance to the success of the Project.

3. Services

This is the most crucial part of the solution. Basically there is pre sales consultation to decided and pick the right projects, Bill of Quantity and Scope of Work and then project execution.

If you are a Hospital or Clinic and interested in implementing Digital Signage for your Building, we can assist you in this very important project due to its strategic nature being customer facing and Revenue driving.

Skills Unlimited has done many successful projects with top UAE Hospitals and we can leverage our experience to make sure that your project is execute seamlessly.

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