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Digital Signage 

Floor Standing Displays

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Floor Standing display

Floor Standing Displays are multi purpose and high utility Digital Signage for Hotels, Hospitals, Universities, Government Offices and Transportation.

They are far more effective than the regular displays because of two main reasons 

a) You can place them strategically where you have most exposure or foot fall

b) Due to their design they attract more impressions 

Technical Info

OS: Windows Or Android

Processor: Intel or Soc

Memory: 2 GB to 8 GB

Disk Space: 8 GB to 500 GB

Connectivity: Wifi + LAN


How it Works:

We provide a software through which 

you update the content on these 


Supported Content:

Pictures, Videos, Text


You can divide the screen into multiple

areas. Each area can play different type

of Content. You can run Slide Shows

Videos, Scrolling Text

Video Walls

Video Walls can give an amazing look to any venue.

They are multi purpose and suitable for different types of businesses and functions.


Hospitals: If you are a hospital you can use Video Wall for Indoor Advertising, showcase Doctors Profiles, run educational videos for Patients


Hotels: Hotels can install them at the reception behind the counter and playback surreal videos to not only enhance the ambiance but also make a lasting impression on the Guest. 


Bars and Restaurants: This is perfect for sports bars and restaurants who want to offer their customers amazing Sports watching experience on BIG screen.

Retail: Video walls are THE THING at the moment for shops in the Malls. Large format High resolution displays captures shopper's attention with Brand videos and New collections. 

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Video Walls
Technical Info

Brand: Samsung & LG

Bezel: 3.5mm Ultra Thin 

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Nits: 500  & 700


Video Controller/Processor

HDMI Cables


How it Works:

You can connect the Content source 

DVD or PC to the video controller to 

playback the content

Screens Configuration

2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 


Ideaboard is is perfect for Conference rooms, Class rooms, Meeting rooms. 

This All in One screen, pc, whiteboard, conference system, projector can unleash the Productivity of any team in any settings.

Say a client comes to your office and you are pitching a solution, normally you would be showing presentation with the Projector and will use the whiteboard. Now imagine a different scenario where you mirroring your presentation from your laptop to the screen and anotating on it. As it is windows based you can do a conference call and collaborate with your colleagues from different locations. 

Did we tell you that this is a lot cost effective than Microsoft Surface Hub.

Technical Info

Brand: IdeaBoard

Sizes: 55" , 65" and 84"

Resolution: 2K & 4K

Nits: 500  

OS: Windows


HDD: 500 GB


Annotation Software

Mirroring Software (Optional)


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Queue Management System

Our Queue Management Solution will help you organization decrease customer wait times, improve your service efficiency and increase your Revenues. 

We provide end to end solution for Queue Management System i.e. Variety of Ticket Dispenser Kiosk, Call buttons, LED Displays, Advanced Software to fit any business requirement with enhanced workflows and reporting.

Technical Info

Ticket Kiosk Specs:

17" LCD + Touch Screen

H81 Motherboard, Intel Celeron Dual Core Processor, 4GB RAM, 500 GB Seagate Drive, Epson 80mm Thermal Printer


Call Pad

Caller LED Displays Various Sizes

TV Integration Module 

Evaluation Pad (Optional)

Wireless Speaker (Optional)

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Queue Management





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