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Audio & Video Solutions

Analog and IP Based PA System | EVAC System | Audio Conference System | Video Conference System | Auditorium Sound System

We provide A to Z Solutions for Audio and Video for any Commercial Building and Residential Buildings.

Our list of Products includes:


  1. Mixer Amplifier

  2. Power Amplifier

  3. Digital Amplifier

  4. Integrated Pre-Amplifier

  5. Multi Zone Mixer Amplifier

PA System and Intercom System

  1. 10 Zones Paging System

  2. Ambient Noise Controller

  3. Audio Matrix PA System

  4. Audio Matrix with Weekly Timer

  5. IP Network Intercom System

EVAC System

  1. Fire Alarm System

  2. Fireproof Speaker


Audio & Video Conference System


  1. Active Speaker

  2. Column Speaker

  3. Ceiling Speaker

  4. Wall mounted Speaker

  5. Directional Speaker

  6. Horn Speaker 

  7. Fire Proof Speaker

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